The society today is filled with people who are working not only to earn a living but also to provide support for their aging parents. This group of people is known as the sandwich generation. The sandwich generation has been given an added responsibility by the society and it is important for them to come up with ways that will prevent this from being a cycle. This is done by identifying and solving the issues that lead up to them being identified as the sandwich generation.

Thesis statement

The paragraph above may be an introductory paragraph in an essay. In this the case, the thesis statements are the last two statements. In this case the statements indicate that the focus of the essay is to identify how people become a part of the sandwich generation and solutions that can be identified to deal with the issue. The main topic of the essay has been introduced even without having to look at the title. Essays that lack a thesis statement in most cases are viewed to have no focus. The thesis is placed at the end of the first paragraph since this paragraph is used to display the context of the thesis statement.

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The thesis in this case brings out the thoughts of the writer indicating that the writer believes that there is a way of getting rid of the sandwich generation. This is expected to be proven using facts which in this case are the reasons and solutions for dealing with the sandwich generation issue. When creating a thesis statement one should avoid being too direct and instead focus on the main reasons and advantages associated with thesis statements.

Other than presenting the opinion of the writer, thesis statements should create room for the reader to think beyond the writer’s opinions. This means that a thesis statement should put into consideration the opinion of the reader. In most cases, it is assumed that the opinion of the writer is opposite to that of the reader hence the writer will have to write a thesis statement that will encourage the reader to consider the writer’s opinion. In this case, it is assumed that the reader does not know how to deal with the sandwich generation issue hence the role of the writer is to present ideas on how to deal with it.